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Recent Projects: Summer Sippin’ App

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Developer Jeremy Lewis recently developed an app for Androids and iPhones on behalf of Roswell, Inc., for the annual Summer Sippin’ competition.

Ringer Consulting Group added yet another feather to its cap: A new app created for Roswell, Inc.

The app was created for Roswell Inc.’s annual Summer Sippin’ contest, where restaurants throughout Roswell, Ga. compete against each other using a tasty weapon of choice: A unique, refreshing summertime drink that does NOT appear on their current menu.

Here’s how it works: Download the app to your phone, and then open the app to see a listing of all the restaurants participating in this year’s Summer Sippin’ event. Beside each restaurant is a photo of the unique drink each has created. Simply visit the restaurants on the list, order one of the signature drinks (alcoholic AND non-alcoholic beverages to choose from), and rate that drink from 1 to 5 stars. You can visit and rate the signature drinks every time you visit one of the Summer Sippin’ restaurants. When the promotion ends at the end of July, the restaurant with the highest ratings will be named this year’s contest winner.

Developer Jeremy Lewis was responsible for building the app, while Ringer CEO Gabe Meacham came up with the design. Below, Jeremy provides his assessment of the assignment, along with some commentary about what he thought about each stage of the app-building process:


  • Had issues with Apple posting / reviewing app to update in the store.
    • Took 24 hours to get updates to store (if it passed their “strict” guidelines, which could fail for random reasons
  • iOS code is based in Swift3 or Objective-C
    • Chose Swift3 to Dev in.
    • Swift3 syntax is annoying. Should not exist.
  • Apple makes doing everything overtly complicated, when it comes to creating apps.
  • Integration of Firebase was complicated.
  • Obstacle for development was being forced to use a mac to code. Macs suck.
  • Layout design for responsiveness in XCode was a huge issue.
    • Creating scrollable views based on


  • Updates to Google Playstore took anywhere from 5min-1hr.
    • Never had issues pushing updates to store.
  • Android was easier to write code in because Android Studio is a better platform to create apps. Android code is based in Java
  • Android Layout follows simple XML views, with referencing ID’s made to change appearance.
  • Integration of Google’s Firebase Database / Authentication was seamless, and posed no issues.
  • Creating HashKeys can be a bit difficult.


  • Firebase recently went through a huge update in their system in January / December, so finding good references was more challenging than I thought it would be.
  • Learning firebase was weird. It is a no SQL database, and is composed of a JSON structure versus normal table object structures.

To learn more about the Summer Sippin’ contest, or to download the app to your smart phone, visit www.summersippin.com.

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